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The year 2016 for TechBlade

TechBlade is for those who want the cutting edge in news and articles that can be found online and other media sources. The advocacy of Techblade is to be a source of information ranging from Science and Technology, ICT and Education.

Its broad coverage for 2016 has taken it from the Diwata Microsatellite launch to the achievements of notable Filipino scientists particularly women. The awards given to students who competed in mathematics competitions here and abroad and also the new developments made by the Filipino youth with regards to ICT.

The regional centers where there is now a burgeoning BPO-ICT industry was also given emphasis. In its advocacy, TechBlade aspires for equal development throughout the country. It appreciates the efforts of noted industry driven personalities, both in public and private institutions and even in their personal capacity.

TechBlade recognizes that national development is an all hands operation from the lowliest worker, from students and teachers, from government officials and functionaries, from private individuals who use their own time and resources in order to advance national development.

The youth whose amazing achievements in tournaments of engineering, mathematics, science and IT made 2016 a banner year for the country.

New products and processes were given attention and even old technology was articulated so as to have a sense of history and proportion with regards to the advances of technology now at breathtaking speed. From health apps to the Particle Collider and the technology on tunneling under mountains.

The publication has always respected the academe and its vital part in nation building. The awards and achievements by these people give honor to the nation and TechBlade tried to do its part in widely disseminating the triumphs of these people.

Above all, TechBlade will continue to improve and expand its coverage of these subjects so as to be a ready and reliable and credible source of information for all.

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