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ISIP: Igniting Curiosity

What is ISIP?

Integrating Science in the Philippines (ISIP) is a nonprofit organization founded in November 2014 by Philippine Science High School Batch 2015 students. Their main goal is to empower Filipinos in being more involved in making science and technology an integral part of our culture and growth. In order to achieve that goal, ISIP is currently focused on deepening the appreciation and understanding that the Filipino youth have for science and technology through online media content on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter as well as experiential learning through their programs.

Their programs include the annual Discovery Science Camp which is now on its third year, community events, field trips, and one-day science communication workshops.

ISIP aims to strengthen these experiences by bringing together the Filipino youth in an involved and inclusive community through its online media presence, workshops, and events.

Learn more about ISIP through this video:

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