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“You Must Not Raise the Dead!” : Cocoon Program for the youth by SURE

Group 4 at the Asian Institute of Management Cocoon Program by SURE

Solutions Using Renewable Energy, Inc (SURE) gave the challenge to the Filipino youth The youth responded. SURE launched a program for 20 college students last September, 2016. 

The aim was to make the students feel empowered in their quest for sustainable energy solutions. But it was not as easy as that. It was hard but the students who participated barely felt it to be hard.

SURE utilized Game Theory in the challenge. On October 8 and 15, 2016, these students realized hot it was to have a concept and how to go about in achieving their projected results with their concepts.

Conducted at the Asian Institute of Management Indonesia Case Room last Oct. 8 and 15, 2016, the workshop consisted of sessions with experts that ranged from filling the transport gaps using the UP experience in Bike Share to creating business models to Design Thinking and Sustainable Design Architecture from Palafox and Associates.

The participants came from UP, De La Salle University, TIP and Batangas Colleges.

But the endpoint for the first day sessions was a challenge for a business model and implementation for sustainable food business business models. The participants rose to the challenge and designed and implemented sustainable business models.

The development and implementations again ranged from Pizza to Rellenong Bangus. Notwithstanding that these models worked given their profitability and ease of implementation as what was presented in the reports and presentations last October 15, 2016. These presentations and results would put a great many livelihood projects to shame with profitability exceeding a shameful 150%.

But the real challenge was further into the day when a real energy challenge was given to the participants, There was only internet for outside resources and real brainstorming was conducted.

But the real success of SURE for this Cocoon program has yet to be realized. As such as the participation and brainpower as an indicator, the Cocoon Program showed that the only limits with the youth is that there are no limits to concepts and ideas. The manner that the presentations, formulations and results were presented was refreshing in comparison to other startup presentations.

 The program is composed of four components: a 2-day workshop, sessions with experts in the industry and startups, a biogas/biomass plant visit, and an internship for a select few. This 10-month program will end on July 31, 2017. 

Throughout the course of the program, the students will have access to a community of experts and like-minded individuals. Small get-togethers with startups, consultants, and organizations will be arranged every month. Aside from these monthly meetings, a biogas/biomass plant visit will be arranged for the students.

The winners of the energy challenge will be known after three months.

The only limitation/s given is that they must not raise the dead. 

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