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Mayor Richard Gomez Pushes Science and Technology

Mayor Richard Gomez of Ormoc City, Leyte is personally leading the charge for Science and Technology in Ormoc City. The erstwhile award winning actor who is a first time mayor for Ormoc has partnered the city with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in availing of DOST’s indigenously created technologies to the city’s businessmen, entrepreneurs and farmers. This in turn will be opportunities for investments in local enterprises and farmers. 

In cooperation with the Ormoc City Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (OrCham) 25th Visayas area business conference held last Sept. 15 – 16, 2016, the DOST held its pre-event Technology Transfer Day (TTD) that featured 74 technologies available for adoption by entrepreneurs, businessmen and the agricultural sector.

“We asked DOST to be our partner,” said Jude P. Abenoja, president of the Ormoc City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OrCham), as he told about the biggest business conference in the Visayas held Sept. 15-16 at the Ormoc City Superdome in Leyte.

This is the first DOST Technology Transfer Day held in the regions. “We are selling technologies, not products,” Usec. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara clarified to the audience who were wowed by new products that were still new, or maybe still out of the market in some areas.

“The partnership doesn’t end here,” Abenoja said. The OrCham previously partnered with the regional office for the holding of the Visayas Cluster Regional Science and Technology Week last July.

“We would like to confirm our commitment that this partnership doesn’t end here. With the help of DOST, OrCham will help the pineapple and jackfruit sector. We already discussed this with Mayor Richard Gomez,” Abenoja added.

Mayor Gomez is mayor of Ormoc City which is considered as the business and transport hub Western Leyte. The city is the natural commercial area for the produce of the surrounding municipalities of Western Leyte.

This thrust of Mayor Richard Gomez in tandem with his spouse Representative Lucy Gomez adopting these technologies  will greatly enhance the economic opportunities of the Ormocanons and the farmers and entrepreneurs of the area who are also the constituents of the celebrity-leader couple.  

The audience flocked to the sample area that featured crispy and nutritious vacuum fried fruits and vegetables, among others. These products were produced using food processing equipment for DOST’s Food Innovation Centers. DOST “sells” the technology behind said equipment to entrepreneurs who will get a license to fabricate same machine to be used in producing products.

Abenoja said he arranged with DOST-VIII Regional Director Edgar M. Esperancilla to hold the DOST Technology Transfer Day a day before the business conference in order “to bring technologies and the DOST closer to the business sector as we share a common goal which is to bringeconomic opportunities to the countryside.”

Around 300 out of the 500 business conference delegates attended the Technology Transfer Day.

Abenoja and DOST-VIII identified technologies that can thrive in the region and highlighted these during the Technology Transfer Day. These were the: carrageenan plant growth promoter, semen extender for goat, nipa sap sugar production, stabilized brown rice, complementary foods, DOST tablea, Food Innovation Center processing equipment, STARBOOKS, Eco-friendly septic system (Eco-Sep), and abaca fiber for packaging and currency base papers.

“The 11 technologies are handpicked as these as seen to work in our area,” Abenoja told.

Source: DOST

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