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A TV Studio in your pocket

One camera, multiple shots.

With the Mevo HD Live Event Video Camera, you can now transform your iPhone into a personal video editing tool. This on-the-go device is complete with a 150-degree wide-angle lens. It can be set anywhere to record your adventures, shows, or even live-stream directly to Facebook for your family, friends, and fans on social media.

Through a Wi-Fi or LTE connection, Mevo can be linked to your iPhone which will enable you to adjust the zoom, pan, and cut all in the Mevo app. The Sony 4K sensor produces stunning 720p HD video so each and every scene is as clear as can be. Designed to be discreet and with built-in stereo microphones and dedicated DSP, the Mevo HD Camera also picks up superb audio for all of your videos.

For the price of $399.99, you can now direct your own story now with the Mevo HD Live Event Video Camera.

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