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The Speed of Light Re-Visited

This was written by a volunteer for the 2016 Discovery Science Camp held at the Philippine Science High School. Instead of being one of the “Innovators”, the contributor returned as a volunteer to facilitate the  Science Camp.

299,792,458 meters per second

That’s the speed of light, the fastest one as scientists say; but we do believe that something’s faster than that.

It was about a year ago when we were invited to attend to a Science Camp we knew nothing about – but we applied anyways. We just thought it was just about science, like things we encounter inside the classroom; however, the word science is too broad to even think of the possible things that could happen during the camp.

Just like how things could get random in science, the camp itself was intriguingly random – you get to learn things you never thought you would, and we got to ask things that we never thought of asking. It was just so random that you could never get enough of it.

As a former camper, turning into a volunteer was an exciting experience for us. It was a bit nostalgic to think that we were just right at their feet a year ago, experimenting happily with the things given to us. But now, we are one of the facilitators we once dreamt of, giving these set of campers their chance of experiencing the once in a lifetime moment we the former campers have treasured in our hearts.

And now, after a year, we are back again at the same front lobby that welcomed us before, but now we are here not as campers, but as the facilitators ourselves. What made us come back? We can give answers as much as the number of stars in the universe with that question.

It was an overwhelming feeling seeing our fellow campers succeeding activities and challenges that we've surpassed before. It was like a legacy brought down to them. It was a privilege for the both of us to be in one of the positions that were able to get really close to the campers.

As Pau Joquino, ISIP co-founder, said: “It’s no longer just an idea. It's people, it's experiences, it's hopes - it's a community.” But as time goes by, ISIP and the camp itself is a family for us Pioneers (Batch 2015 campers now volunteers). And this camp, our bond with everyone especially with the “Innovators” (Batch 2016 campers) came by too fast, possibly faster than the speed of light.

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