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New Passers of Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) to meet New Schoolyear 2016 - 2017

The Schoolyear 2016 -02017 will be met with by 30,938 teachers who passed LET. This was announced last May 19, 2016 by the Professional Regulation Commission and Board of Professional Teachers.

The LET passers for elementary teachers numbers 12,128 and 18810 secondary school teachers. This will augment the current number of teachers in both elementary and high school. The demand for more teachers is because of the additional 2 years in high school as per the K+12 Philippine School Program.

The K+12 Basic Education Program aims to level up the pre-university basic education program of the Philippines to world standards. Only Angola and Djibouti are left with the 10 year basic education program

The additional 2-years basic education will entail the need for additional high school teachers thus these new LET passers will be much needed.

Teachers in public schools need to pass the LET in order to gain permanent or regular status. Thus the LET is important in retaining teachers who are only allowed 1 year to teach if not yet a LET passer.

Of the total number of LET passers, it was disclosed that the 12,128 elementary teacher passers, 3,906 are first timers and 8,222 are repeaters. For the secondary teachers, 10,747 passers are first timers and 8,063 are repeaters.

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