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Microsoft to shut Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 next week

Microsoft will no longer support versions 8, 9, and 10 of web browser Internet Explorer starting January 12, Tuesday, technology site The Next Web reported.

The report said a patch, KB3123303, will go live next week and reminded users of older versions of Internet Explorer to upgrade their browser.

“It’s great news for developers who still need to target older browsers — not needing to worry about whether or not modern CSS works in these browsers is a dream, and it’s much closer with this move,” the report said.

“End of life means the browsers will no longer receive security updates or any other kind of patches, leaving those running them wide open to new vulnerabilities in the future,” it added.

The Next Web also said Internet Explorer 11 was the last version of the browser left supported by Microsoft in transition to Edge on Windows 10.

“If you’re still using any version of Internet Explorer below 11, it’s time to upgrade now, before it’s too late,” the site said.


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