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Philippine Science Heritage Center goes Interactive

Philippine Science Heritage Center goes Interactive

The Philippine Science Heritage Center now features five new interactive and digital exhibits to provide visitors a fun and exciting platform to learn about the rich science and technology culture of the country.

A repository of the outstanding accomplishments of the Filipino scientific community, the Center is located at the Science Heritage Building inside the Department of Science and Technology complex in Bicutan, Taguig City. The latest additions to PSHC are the following:

National Scientists browser

Get inspired with the life and works of national scientists through this interactive exhibit. The browser allows visitors to view the profile, contributions, education, and awards of the 41 National Scientists in the country via touch screen computer.

Be a biologist

This interactive exhibit features two kiosks, each with digital microscope and a monitor. Users can observe the provided specimens under the microscope through the enlarged image projected in the screen/monitor.

Pinoy biotech

The Pinoy Biotech exhibit features the recent developments in Philippine biotechnology. Visitors can learn about the biotech product or process by touching the related image to display the information on the large screen.

Play DNA

This piano-inspired exhibit is an engaging way to teach visitors the concept of DNA – the molecules that contain the code used in the development, functioning and reproduction of living organisms. Each note represents a nucleotide – the building blocks of DNA. Play the suggested music or make your own by stepping on the giant piano to “create” different DNA sequences which will be shown on the screen.

Who’s who in Philippine science

This exhibit showcases the recipients of National Academy of Science and Technology awards including recently recognized academicians, outstanding young scientists, and outstanding books or monographs, among others.

Formally launched last July 27, the new interactive exhibits are only a prelude to more things to come. More exhibits will be installed as the PSHC gears up toward becoming a world class science center in the country.

Established in 1998, the center also conducts various activities such as science career orientation, seminar-workshop for teachers, and science symposia to bring science closer to the public.


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