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I.T. Industry Engine for Growth: The Countryside

ICTO's Rural Impact Sourcing Initiative

The Department of Science and Technology through its Information and Communication Technology Office has formulated Outcome 4.It aims to achieve global leadership in the ITBPM Industry by generating at least 1.3 million jobs in the ICT industry by 2016. The countryside will contribute 40% of these jobs via programs and projects by the ICTO which will promote inclusive growth and development throughout the country.

The Rural Impact Sourcing (RIS) initiative is part of the program called DigitalPH composed three other flagship initiatives; Next Wave Cities, Stepping Up the Value Chain and SeedPH.

RIS is a program intended to create meaningful ICT-enabled jobs in socio-economically disadvantaged areas in the country. The program specifically focuses on areas where there is high population but low employment due to lack of investors

The RIS aims to create ICT-enabled jobs where there is high population but low in employment because of lack of investors. This will benefit areas in the country that are socio-economically disadvantaged.

Thus, RIS has the following Projects and Events

Impact Sourcing Workshops
Research on Rural Impact Sourcing

The target of RIS are cities that are not yet ready to host big IT-BPM locators. The objective of  program aims to promote ICT enabled jobs as a high value economic opportunity in  communities, which have access to Internet connection.

In partnership with various online jobs portals, ICT Councils, and local government units (LGUs), impact sourcing workshops were conducted to inform and capacitate students and young professionals residing along the countryside of the basics and advantages of building online job careers.

Virtual Assistance

One of the most promising jobs in impact sourcing is an online job called Virtual Assistance (VA). In this kind of online job, home-based workers provide administrative and technical assistance services to clients from other countries through phone, email, or instant messaging.


The main target of the RIS are the Freelancers that currently is more than a million in number in the Philippines. The goal for 2016 is an additional 500,000 that will be the product of the RIS initiative. Rural Impact Sourcing Workshops have been conducted in Iriga City, Bohol, Tacloban, Mindoro and Romblon.

The Group also promotes impact sourcing especially in areas that are not yet ready to house BPM locators. Through impact sourcing, Filipinos from provincial areas can take advantage of home-based but high-paying jobs through online job sites such as Freelancer and Upwork.

To inform college students and young professionals in rural communities about online opportunities, the ICTO will conduct a series of impact sourcing workshops in coordination with ICT Councils and local government units (LGUs).

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