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Healthcare Innovation Solutions Day Series of 2015

Healthcare Innovation Solutions Day Series of 2015

Part 1

Healthcare Innovations 2015 presented its Solutions Day last October 27, 2015 t the Dusit Thani Hotel. The theme was Redefining Access to Modern Healthcare.

Seeing the fast changing dynamics in the healthcare industry, Healthcare Innovations provided a forum wherein stakeholders in the industry would be presented with a national healthcare situationer, the demands and challenges of the present and the future and the corresponding technology and systems driven solutions that are currently available.

Dr. Mike Muin, President of Health Level 7 (HL7) Philippines presented on the State of Health Information Systems in the Philippines, the Challenges and outlook of the Philippine Healthcare I.T. Market, the importance of interoperability between the different healthcare stakeholders so as to improve health delivery and the Next steps towards an integrated healthcare I.T. systems. Dr. Muin also discussed about HL7 Philippines and its current status with regards to interoperability in different healthcare providers.

During the Panel Discussion wherein future trends in healthcare in the Philippines, Christine Donnelly, VP for Nursing and Patient Care Services of Makati Medical Center espoused empowering nurses via the use of technology wherein the patients will also be empowered. The challenges facing the medical professions today as represented by the  gap in the patient to medical professionals ratio can be narrowed by investing in new technologies.

Mr. Mark Wade, HCM Practice Lead for Australia, NTT Data Business Solutions,   discussed about integration of all devices and that technology is part of patient satisfaction. That Electronic Medical Records will also harness the full potentials of medical professionals.

Mr. Callum Bir, Director Health and Social Services, Microsoft Asia stated that there is a shift in workforce migration patterns in relation to medical professionals. That by using new technology, the healthcare industry can attract other medical professionals, retain the current medical professions and develop further the talents of new medical professionals. What is important is that there be standards and compliance between data being transmitted and conveyed among the healthcare stakeholders and the patients.

Mr. Allen Bacallan, VP and CIO of Cardonal Santos Medical Center disclosed that since the financial sector such as banks were able to integrate their data systems such as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) then the same is also possible with the healthcare industry. That there is a “Cost of Friction” wherein,  obstacles in standardized communication Rove detrimental to all stakeholders. That an ecosystem be created so as to reduce the “Cost of Friction” in the interconnection between healthcare providers and stakeholders.

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