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Algae based solution that stops bleeding in seconds

An algae-based compound that stops profuse bleeding in seconds and allows full healing in a few minutes was discovered by a Filipino named Joe Landolina.

Landolina, while working in his grandfather’s laboratory discovered and developed the lifesaving compound when he was just 17 years old at the time. Dubbed “VetiGel”, the compound forms into a mesh that holds the damaged tissues tissues together. The gel makes for a strong adhesive and acts as scaffolding to enable the body to produce fibrin at the wound;s surface. Then, the polymerized fibrin together with plateletsforms a clot over the wound site.

Currently, the product is designed exclusively for veterinary use. Ladolina who now heads the biotech company has partnered wit VetPlus, a British company focused on animal medicine for market expansion. The FDA is expected to approve the gel for human use by next year. 


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