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Ever experienced problems during your events’ registration? Try ThinkBIT Events!

If you have organized an event, then you would know how gruelling and stressful the registration process can be. But worry not! There’s a solution at the market right now, and it’s called ThinkBIT Events!

ThinkBIT is a company that offers innovative applications designed to suit your event needs. Avoid experiencing more panic in the registration area as you can simply ask your guests to register themselves with the ThinkBIT Events App! So whether you have walk-in or pre-registered participants, ThinkBIT Events a hassle-free way of managing them. Here’s how it works:

All it takes is 3 simple steps for your guest to register! Simple, right? Now in order to utilize the app, you could also have your guests like your Facebook right after they register.What better way to have your registrants converted into followers!

And have you ever had problems in handling nametags to hand out to the guests arriving? ThinkBIT Events has a solution for that as well. Instantly have a nametag prof the guest printed right away after registering just as an additional step!

But that’s not all! Aside from just an app, ThinkBIT offers several items such as to compliment this one-of-a-kind service such as stands and sticks for additional branding of your event! 

Professional, unique, and classy! With this, your guests will surely come back just to reminisce the whole experience all over again. Check out their app and other cool services now at!
Don’t regret it and make your next event stand out!

*If you wish to avail of a special discount, send an email to with the subject line “TBE Inquiry”. 

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