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Behind-the-Scenes of Discovery Camp 2015

Beyond the participants’ knowledge, there was a lot of behind-the-scenes action happening during the camp.

As facilitators, we were pulled in all directions. Discovery being the pioneering camp of our organization, we facilitators had to deal with a lot of firsts. The activities we researched and created for the camp had to be tested and adjusted. The food had to be organized and paid for. The materials for the different games had to be prepared. The rubrics for the contest and the outlines for talks had to be organized and reviewed. Speakers for talks had to be contacted. The sleeping arrangements and safety of the participants had to be prioritized. I’d find myself carrying materials to and from activity locations, in charge of a station in our Amazing Race activity, on shift for guard duty during Stargazing, and I’d ask myself “When did I sign up for this particular job?”.

As facilitators, we had to deal with a lot of responsibilities. We were all fresh graduates of Philippine Science High School – Main Campus, but we were pushed to take charge of security, communications, and logistics. We were the one pulling our own weight around, calling the shots whenever a major decision had to be made. Each of us was counted on to step up whenever an emergency came up or whenever we were free to help.

As facilitators, we had to stretch ourselves to accommodate our participants. We learned how to reach out and make friends with people from different walks of life. We learned how to relate with people from both public and private high schools, and how to enjoy each other’s company. We learned how to cheer them on when they were having a hard time in the different activities we prepared, how to kill dead silences and get them energized and ready for all the fun things waiting for them. We learned how to enjoy watching them enjoy the camp.

As facilitators, we also had our own fun – not in the way you expect. To prepare for the next day of activities, we would have to stay up late in the night writing down questions for the Amazing race, preparing Powerpoints for the talks the next day, testing out the different team building activities in the most hilarious ways possible, and evaluating our progress so far. Sometimes we would stay up all night working together and realize that it was already early in the morning and we only had two hours of sleep left. These late work sessions strengthened the bonds between us facilitators beyond the usual team building.

Beyond the participants’ knowledge, there was a lot of behind-the-scenes action happening during the camp: challenges that really tested our adaptability, our stamina, and our teamwork. That the camp became a success was a big relief and reward, and was definitely worth all the trouble. To have been a part of this experience, and to see how all our participants were enjoying, made me happy to have served them.

- Robin Racela, Facilitator/ ISIP Member 

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