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Experiencing Pisay's facilities at Discovery Science Camp 2015

Short lectures and more hands-on experiments - these are the kind of science classes that I would love attending. Because of the non-stop "lectures only"science classes that I have been attending in my school, it became a boring subject for me until I joined the Discovery Science Camp in Summer of 2015.

The Discovery Science Camp is a five-day program composed of workshops, activities, and adventures related to science. On our first day, we had four workshops - Mr. Swab It (Agar plate swabbing), Oobleck making (about non-newtonian fluids), Microscopy, and Fossil Making. We had short lectures about the said topics and hands-on activities after (which were all fun). After that, there was a quiz bee about the workshops. We were also able to see and learn how fireworks are made, and some of the campers were able to light up the fireworks mixture made during the activity. It was really exciting!

We also experienced the Project Pitch, wherein the campers had to think about different researches that may help the world become a better place. It was a very good experience as it can be an excellent exercise for the mind and for learning how to work under time pressure. Now, me and my fellow campers use these abilities that we learned during Project Pitch in making our Investigatory Projects in school.

Aside from exercising our intellectual skills, we also had a lot of physical activities just like the Aghamazing Race (Amazing Race) and team building exercises. Each of the tasks were held in different parts of Pisay, and were all connected to Science.

The campers were also given a privilege to go up on the rooftop of Pisay, where we were able to use telescopes and observe the heavenly bodies late at night. We were taught on how to use different kinds of telescopes and how to identify the stars and their distance from each other.

The other exciting factors was that we were able to use Pisay's facilities--- we stayed in their dorm during camping, had  lectures and activities in their classrooms and laboratories, ate in their cafeteria that serves good food, know our facilitators and fellow campers, and build friendships with them even after the camp.

It was a fun-filled and a very informative camp from Day 1 up to the last, and there was no single dead air during the camp. It would be the kind of camp I would recommend to other students, science lover or not, because I guarantee that after experiencing this camp, they would just love science even more than they could ever have.

- Jeanill Migraso, Camper

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