Thursday, January 18, 2018

NICP To Help Boost Countryside ICT Job Share

Posted By: The Mail Man - Thursday, January 18, 2018
2018 NICP Officers with Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Innovation Program Manager Emmy Lou Delfin as inducting officer.

Countryside champions aim to capture fifty percent of the direct jobs from the additional 700,000 new jobs in information and communications technology (ICT) as targeted by the Philippine IT-BPM Roadmap 2022. 

This is about 350,000 new jobs outside of Metro Manila and going to the provinces. For almost twenty years, an estimated seventy percent of the ICT jobs are concentrated in Metro Manila.

The 2018 set of officers of the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), the mother organization of ICT councils representing regions, cities, and provinces in the countryside, convened recently to forge its directions for 2018 as its mark its tenth year of corporate existence in 2018.

Incoming president Antonio Del Carmen of the Laguna Industry Network for Knowledge, Innovation, and Technology (LINK-IT) said the goal of NICP this year is to strengthen its relationship with all industry associations especially those who are actively involved in human resource development.

NICP aims for a stronger positioning of provincial locations for global services to be fueled by more active ICT councils that clearly understand their roles and set their directions. NICP and its member councils shall work together to accelerate enabling conditions, such as infrastructure, government processes, and business environment better and lobby for investors incentives especially in provincial areas, where a high sense of business confidence must be in place.

Another important factor to achieve the numbers for jobs in 2022 is to upgrade the talent ecosystem, pivoting to higher value skills and opportunities by working closely with the industry and education sector.

A longtime aspiration of NICP has always been to create a balance growth between Metro Manila and provincial locations for ICT jobs and opportunities and today we are seeing that growth, partly because of the relentless efforts and commitment of NICP through its ICT councils to really push for strategies to attract and sustain jobs in their respective locations these past ten years,  Jocelle Batapa-Sigue, co-founder and past president of NICP said.

Other elected officers include Batapa-Sigue of the Bacolod-Negros Occidental Federation for Information and Communications Technology (BNEFIT) as Vice president, Rosemarie Quinto-Rey of Albay ICT Association – Legazpi ICT Council as secretary, Rob Enriquez of Bataan ICT Council as treasurer and immediate past president Stephanie Caragos of Cagayan de Oro ICT Business Council as the auditor.  

Efren Daniel De Leon of Bicol ICT Council, Wilfredo Sa-a, Jr. of Cebu IT-BPM Organization (CIB.O), Michael Tiu-Lim of Zamboanga ICT Council, Joanne Phillips of Bohol ICT Council, and Roberto Tinsay of Malaybalay ICT Council complete the ten-men board for 2018.  


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Makati Science High School (MSHS) Admission Exams Topped by 3 Makati Elem. Public Schools

Posted By: The Mail Man - Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Makati Science High School

Makati Science High School (MSHS), the premier public science high school of Makati City has released the list of successful admission examinees for its School Year 2018 – 2019. 

The number of successful examinees totaled 250. This represent 125 successful examinees from Makati Public Elementary Schools and 125 from various private schools not exclusively based in Makati City.

MSHS has proven to be an ideal educational institution with regards to secondary school training in the sciences, technology, and mathematics. This is evidenced by the number of numerous awards its students have received in science and mathematics competitions locally and abroad.

Rizal Elementary School has the most number of successful examinees numbering at 20, followed by Pembo Elementary School with 16 and Comembo Elementary School with 9 successful examinees. 

Public School

Pembo Elementary School

1. Abara, Cyan Jon Amora
2. Adan, Lara Jane Crezaga
3. Alonzo, Tristan Maalat
4. Asombrado, Jazz Shan Josol
5. Balaoro, Jun-jun Bodino
6. Cayari, Zaina Erika Mikayla Gavilla
7. Cenita, Renz Lorenz Novelo
8. Grabol, Gerwin Kyle Barbecho
9. Jansol, Gabrielle Ann Madison Amora
10. Magdaleno, Franchesca Lorize Chua
11. Palces, Jhan Alexander Paulino
12. Pinili, Lorayne Vacaleres
13. Rosal, Jasper Brix Barangaa
14. Serno, Arriana Faith Salcedo
15. Solidum, Eurika Asyanti Paneda
16. Sy, Helaina Gabrielle Balagtas

Rizal Elementary School

1. Amido, Felicia Reyes
2. Barcenal, Sam Daniel Tabara
3. Calzado, Nicole Perodes
4. Cheng, Nicole Dizon
5. De Guia, Erica Mae Aguinaldo
6. Estioco, John Shane Maquidato
7. Fajardo, Ashley Marah Pama
8. Imperial, Joe Ivan Gimarangan
9. Mcapagal, Charisse Mapoy
10. Manching, Hera Enyka
11. Mendoza, Angela Jean Gendeve
12. Nayre, Christian Mark Butron
13. Osama, Juwan Wmmanuelle Garalde
14. Salih, Kriten Quipit
15. Santos, Althea Mirabueno
16. Siddayao, Thomas James Pagaliluan
17. Simora, Aprelle Rowena Faustino
18. Taniongon, Cristen Cassandra Estandarte
19. Tocong, Danica Mariane Valenzuela
20. Vega, Renzo Jose Janier

Comembo Elementary School

1. Acerden, Chelley Maxine Romero
2. Dawal, Ayenne Marie Mallate
3. Favila, Lynne Kelly Rapada
4. Lodriguito, Felmax Aldrian Amper
5. Mananquil, James Harold Bulahan
6. Mecader, Hernane Kryzzyle De Jesus
7. Pabellano, Allan Dave Bernales
8. Peralta, Bevanne Flor Galon
9. Villacorte, Ma. Ysabelle Blderama

MSHS was established in 1986 as Makati West High School. In 1994 it was renamed as the Makati Science High School.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Optimizing Home Internet Connection

Posted By: The Mail Man - Thursday, January 11, 2018

TechBlade has always been dependent on the internet and signal strength is one of the factors not only in posting articles but also in its research. Experience has been founded on varying conditions whether it is in the field reporting about an event in real time, in the office and most importantly at home.

It does not really matter what telco provider one has. But of course, one has to make sure that the signal from the telco is up to Service Level Agreement standards. But of course, no telco will tell the customer that their signal is weak in any particular area.

But once the router has been installed, it is up to the customer to place the wireless router at the location where it is optimized.

Strategic Location is mostly the key to having optimum wifi service inside one’s domicile.

1. Locate the router where there are no physical obstructions. – It is advisable that the location of the router have no obstructions between it and any device one is using. It is ideal that there is “line of sight” between the wifi router and the devices being used. 

If multiple device are being used, then the devices must be placed “around” the wifi router and no physical obstructions are present. An elevated location for the router is also advisable. 

Physical obstructions are concrete walls, glass panels, and even those that contain water such as aquariums. Also, keep the router away from any other electric emitting devices such as radios, TV sets and upon experience oven toasters, flat irons, rice cookers and electric airpots.

2. Connect to wifi only devices that are currently in use. – The bandwith is affected even when other devices that are connected to the router are idle. Stable connections are affected by unnecessary connections.

3. There are wifi repeaters available in the market to be installed in wifi deadspots in one’s residence. Inquire about such products from your current telco provider.

4. Check Router temperature. There are cases when performance is impeded when the router temperature increases. Have it checked if by the provider if this is experienced.

Keeping Child Online Activity Safe

Posted By: The Mail Man - Thursday, January 11, 2018

The need for online safety with regards to children and minors cannot be overstated. Late last 2017, a national summit was held. Known as the Child Online Protection Summit, it included stakeholders from the government, private sector, the academe and the community. It aims to create and develop policies that will safeguard children from online content that is harmful to the children.

Facebook recently launched its Messenger for children wherein parents have control over their children’s contacts and content to be viewed online. 

The widespread use of technology and easy availability for children has necessitated such moves and actions by parents and guardians.

There are other control apps that can be installed wherein supervision and control can be availed of particularly with regards to gadgets and smartphones used by children. These apps will filter inappropriate websites, contents and block specific apps.

The following are apps that offer comprehensive control by parents.

1. Xooloo. This app monitors the use of children of online apps, websites and has a feature that puts time limits when being used by children. It also has a virtual coach that gives warning to the user/child if the time limit is about to be reached when in use.

2. Qustodio. The daily online activity of the children are regularly monitored and a daily report is submitted to the parents. There is also a feature wherein time limits for use can be customized by the parents.

3. Family Link. Apps can be screened by the parents and blocked if specified. The app by Google is installed on both the parents and the child’s device/smartphone. A report is also generated with regards to time spent being used by the child for every app.

These apps will be a significant step for parents in having supervision, approval of sites being linked and monitoring the online activity of children. 

Giving Cheer to Filipino Soldiers with Pipol Konek

Posted By: The Mail Man - Thursday, January 11, 2018
Soldiers at the Heroes Ward of V. Luna Hospital. Pipol Konek by DICT gave them cheer. 

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) gave a Christmas gift to the Filipino Soldiers who were wounded during the fighting in Marawi last December 2017.

Through Pipol Konek, the soldiers were able to contact and communicate with their families during the Christmas season.

Being wounded and needing recuperation and rehabilitation in V. Luna Hospital, the soldiers were able to have video chats with their loved ones who were located in other parts of the country.

This was the next best thing for these soldiers who fought hard and were wounded during the fighting. 

“Halos five months na kami dito, kaso di na rin kayang makauwi kasi kailangan pa magpagaling at maikli lang rin ang break,” shared Cpl. Soriano, 32, a native of Samar. He was sent to Manila after being wounded at the hip July, 2017.

Aside from communicating with their families, the service was also used by the soldiers for video and music streaming that provided them with entertainment. 

Pipol Konek was installed by the DICT at the V. Luna Hospital where other soldiers were able to communicate with their families. 

Pipol Konek provides free wifi access in public places and is a project of DICT. 

The V. Luna Hospital is one of the 403 hospital and health centers where the free wifi service is provided and is among the 1,035 sites of where Pipol Konek can give internet service to Filipinos. 

Pipol Konek offers free wifi access that the public can tap into for education, employment, and even entrepreneurship.

The DICT’s aim is to further enhance inclusive growth, social connectedness, better governance and delivery of government services and to further empower the Filipino by the use of technology.

This is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and will be available and to more than 1,600 local government units and municipalities nationwide.

The DICT envisions that Pipol Konek will be accessed in more than 100,000 public places all over the country. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

BNEFIT has New Officers and Board of Directors for 2018

Posted By: The Mail Man - Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Photo courtesy of BNEFIT FB Page

The Bacolod – Negros Occidental Federation for Information and Communications Technology, Inc. (BNEFIT) has its new officers and members of the Board of Directors for the year 2018.

BNEFIT was founded in the year 2007 with the aim of creating synergy between the government, private institutions, businesses, Information Technology companies, the academe and the community so as to create an ideal environment for the sunrise industry of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Business Process Management and other IT related industries in the Bacolod – Negros Occidental region. 

BNEFIT’s efforts have resulted in the creation of 60,000 jobs in the IT-BPO sector to date and have landed Bacolod City as one of the Tholons Top 100 Destinations. 

The Officers and Board of Directors come from a broad range of industries in the IT-BPO sector, Startups, government and the academe.

Also, its Honorary Trustees represent relevant national government agencies and the Local Government Units (LGUs).

BNEFIT forges forward into 2018 with its new set of officers and members of its board of directors. 

2018 BNEFIT Officers

President - John Dave Duenas (HYBrain)
VP for Talent Development - Dr. Reymund Sabay (UNOR)
VP for Public Sector - Councilor Em Legaspi Ang (Bacolod LGU)
VP for Industry - Engr. Julie Gretchen Dizon (Focus Direct)
Secretary - Jan Maricris Vega (iQOR)
Assistant Secretary - Merry Chris Hermosura (GrabSupport)
Treasurer - Jinky Besa (Holysoft Studios)
Assistant Treasurer - Hajee Birth Aquino (Audacity Studios)
Auditor - Cristina Abelarde (Bagosphere)
Immediate Past President - Levi Trio (Teleperformance)

2018 BNEFIT Directors:

Dr. Leonor Validor (TUPV)
Dr. Manuel Uy (CHMSC)
Raymund Trespicio (USLS)
Hubert Jay Lisas (VMA)
Lenuel Betita (LCC)
Edwin Salinas (Convonaut)
Dr. Johanna Bayoneta (BCC)

Honorary Trustees:

Province of Negros Occidental LGU
City of Bacolod LGU

Monday, January 8, 2018

Makati Science High School Ends 2017 with a Bang!

Posted By: The Mail Man - Monday, January 08, 2018
Filipino Winners at the 4th Future Mathematicians Challenge. Photo from Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines (MATHDAP)

Makati Science High School (MSHS), the premier public science high school of Makati City had a successful 2017 with its students getting awards in international mathematics competitions.

The year 2017 was capped by Deanne Gabrielle Algenio getting awarded a Silver Medal in the 4th Challenge for Future Mathematicians competition held last December 8 – 12, 2017 in Sungai Petani, Kedah Malaysia.

Algenio was among the Filipino team composed of elementary and high school students that won 28 awards and 22 medals in the competition.

The field was participated in by 250 students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

This capped the successful campaign of MSHS for the year 2017 in math competitions abroad.   Earlier in the year, MSHS achieved a bumper crop of awardees and medalists in the 13th Mathematics Contest held in Singapore last August. Algenio was also a participant in the international math contest and was also a Gold Medal Awardee together with the team from MSHS.

The medal placers of MSHS are as follows: 


Deanne Gabrielle Algenio 
Reighne Clarence Evangelista 
Al Patrick Castro 


Mark Andrei Elpedes 
Shazel Catherine Policarpio 
Jan Paul Aplacador 
Albert Thimothy Go 
Miguel Angelo Gomez 
Riana Francine Tario 


Leidovic Keth Gellang 
Lesmon Andres Lenin Saluta 
Angelo Josh Cuaresma 
John Robbie Laurio 
Miguel Carlo Yapan 

MSHS has established its mark in mathematics competitions locally and abroad. 

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